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Setting up Solar Panels – Can it be Worth typically the Cost?

We installed a 3. 0Kw solar array throughout June 2011. Each of our power bills each quarter were involving $750 to $900 and rising. We are a household regarding 4 and run a home workplace, pump and at times air-conditioning in the winter intended for heating as well as in summertime for cooling. The house had very low voltage downlights all through. We live throughout a sub-tropical place, so appliances regarding winter heating and summer cooling are usually needed just a few days and nights per year. Our own constantly rising power bills were becoming a true concern.

The Foreign federal government offers rebates for assembly of PV (photo-voltaic) cells or solar power panels for generating electricity. In our case, the rebate was worth about $4000.

In suv areas, the solar panels feed electricity back into the main grid using an inverter which is usually connected to your current electricity meter.

The particular electricity meter will be changed to the “smart meter” which is also set up as part involving the inverter. The “smart meter” steps the amount associated with electricity you utilize (bring in) along with the quantity of electricity your own solar panels are creating. As an individual use electricity during the day, typically the meter will take away your electricity consumption through the amount regarding electricity your systems are making.

In case you generate more electrical power than you are using, your extra electricity is sold back to the electrical power supplier for on the subject of double the amount that you purchase it for. This system applies in Queensland, where you will be paid within the nett amount of electricity produced.

It is definitely through selling your current excess electricity again to the dealer that real personal savings in your strength bill can become made.
We make use of about 1 to 1. 5kW regarding power each hour or so during the day. So installing some sort of 1. 5kW sun system would only just about cover our own immediate power wants.

Given that the most savings are usually from selling power back to typically the grid, we required to install a larger system. Our roof size meant that will we could just accommodate a 1. 5kw system on each roof face. We opted in order to install a full of 3kW over 2 roof areas by using a special inverter that may take electric power from 2 distinct solar arrays.

Some considerations for finding the solar panel systems:

Way: Roof should encounter north or close to to north to get the maximum sunshine. Inside our case each roof faced north-east and north-west in addition to seems to work well.

Roof slope: The panels, in Queensland, ultimately should be at concerning 15 degrees by the horizontal to post winter sun without getting too hot in the summer sun.

Overshadowing: Make sure the panels will not really be overshadowed during their peak generating times from trees and shrubs, other buildings, TELEVISION aerials etc. If the panel is overshadowed, even a little amount, that -panel will not make any electricity.

Peak Generating Times: normally between 10: 00am to about three or more: 00pm is the average peak creating coming back the panels. The changing times will enhance in summer through about 8: 00am to about 4: 00pm based on roof top orientation.
Apart from incorporating the solar panel systems, we also undertook many changes within the house:

The pump was born to an off -peak tariff saving 50%

Typically the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher were in addition added to the off-peak tariff conserving 50%

The off-peak tariff cuts electricity to these devices between 6: 00pm to 9: 00pm each day

We taken out all our low-voltage lamps and replaced using energy efficient fluoro downlights. The low-volt lights each drew about 50watts hourly. The new lamps draw about 15watts, saving 70% on each light.
Exactly how much did this cost?

We invested $17, 500 for all your electrical work like installation of the solar panel systems, new metres, new wiring for dishwasher, washing equipment, dryer and pool area pump. Given the federal government rebate of $4000 the total expense arrived at $13, five hundred.

Just how much will all of us save?

We simply received our primary solar-boosted electricity accounts for the spring quarter. Our costs for this time recently was $750, and we used 51. 7kWh of electricity.

The existing bill is $360 for the comparative period and all of us used 28. 8kWh of electricity, the 55% saving.

Our greenhouse gas exhausts went from 5 various tonnes to 3. 6 tonnes, some sort of 48% saving.

When will I acquire my money rear?

We are going to save in least $1600 a new year off each of our electricity bills together with the addition regarding solar panels and re-jigging of our appliances. Many people make an effort to work out how lengthy it may need to get their money backside (8. 5 year in our case).

However I feel this is the wrong question; a better question is: How much return will I acquire on my cash? I have invested $13, 700 and acquire a return associated with a minimum of $1600 for every year. Therefore my personal investment is coming back me 11. seven percent in savings off of my electricity invoice. This is concerning double my mortgage interest rate, thus I am nonetheless making money.

How much time did it almost all take?

We utilized a nearby electrician qualified in solar installation, who provided people with all the suggestions for reducing energy, revised tariffs regarding our appliances plus supply and set up of the solar system. We to begin with had to connect with electricity supplier to be sure they would accept us supplying strength to them (2 weeks). panel smm The mount, re-wiring for tariff change-over to devices, solar installation had taken 2 days. The particular smart meter has been installed 2 months later.

On the side note, our first electricity invoice came with no more mention of sun and an sum owing of $950. A quick phone to our service provider we realised of which they had no idea we had installed the photo voltaic panels. Their data processing had not updated our details. They reworked the bill to it’s existing $360 (a costly off the original invoice of 62% or even $590).

Our working experience?

I don’t realize why I anxiously waited so long to put in the panels, plus would advise anyone to make this because part of their long-term investment.

John Hindes, Soul Space Building Designer.

Robert has over 40 years of economic feel in architecture. The experience ranges from high-rise apartment hindrances, commercial and institutional buildings, townhouse developments to individual customized designed homes. Robert uses his extensive experience to give clients with information on project viability. Is is really a Certifier Greensmart Professional, Power modeller and is latest president of the The sun Coast chapter regarding the Building Developers Association. He offers also lectured in CAD and 3 DIMENSIONAL modelling to architecture students.